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Out of the Box Gifts is the Gallery's consignment-based store, where you can sell your art. We'll also post your items in our online store. We charge a 35% commission on all sales. No annual fees required!



Get started


 1.  If it's your first time selling with us, complete both forms below.If you've sold with us before, we just need the Consignment Intake Form.
   Consignment Intake Form 
 Consignment Agreement 
 2. Send us the forms
      • Email us directly from the pdf form by clicking the "Send to AGB" button at the top right on the pdf*;
      • Print and complete the pdfs at home and bring them to the Gallery; or
      • Fill them in at the front desk in the Gallery.


* If you use Chrome as your browser

Because Chrome forces pdfs to open in it's own format, the email option won't work. To fix this, open up Chrome, and click on the three dots in the top right corner.

Select "Settings", then "Privacy and Security", then "Site Settings". Scroll down to "Additional content settings" and "PDF documents", and select "Download PDFs" (not "Open PDFs in Chrome"). This will fix the issue and you'll be able to complete the form and submit it online.


If you're using an iPad:

Once the PDF is open, scroll to the bottom. You should see a tab at the bottom of the screen "Open in". Select "Import to Acrobat". Follow the prompts to set up your Adobe Reader access (which is free). Then you'll be able to complete the pdf online.

 3. Bring your forms to the Gallery

Intake week is the second week of each month (the selection committee reviews the submissions during the third week of the month).


A couple of notes

Gallery space

While we have limited space for hanging paintings in our retail area, we'll  make every effort to accommodate as much of your work as we can. Please make sure your artwork includes proper hanging mechanisms.  

Inventory turnover

To encourage visitors to keep coming back, we refresh our selection on a regular basis. You can change up your pieces on your own throughout the year, or we may ask you to pick up older work and replace with different pieces. We look forward to seeing your creations!



For more info, call the Gallery at 613.332.1542