Our Lovely Loons”

A Workshop with Debra Bannister

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 New Location! Private Studio on Lavallee Lake between Bancroft and Coe Hill


The Art Gallery of Bancroft is delighted to have Debra Bannister return to instruct a watercolour workshop.  Debra led a workshop at the AGB last summer with a focus on painting portraits with watercolours.


Workshop Instructor

Debra Bannister is an award winning artist who sees the world in bold colors. Luminous light and vivid hues define her paintings. Her art is both descriptive and expressive while still being realistic and slightly abstracted.

Since 2006 she devoted herself to watercolor and water media painting. Her award winning paintings have been included in numerous juried shows, art festivals and gallery exhibitions. Her paintings hang in private and permanent collections. Debra divides her time between painting in her studio and outdoors on location.  Her most recent accomplishment are the 21 paintings she completed for a children's book called "Floofus Land Adventures”.

Debra is a member of the East Central Ontario Arts Association and the Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio (KAGS). Her art work, prints and cards are sold at the Stratford Festival Theatre Store, online and at art festival and juried shows in and around Ontario. Her art work is found in permanent and public art collections in Canada and abroad.

Debra lives near Buckhorn, Ontario on the shores of Six Foot Bay, Buckhorn Lake. During the winter she travels south to enjoy the warm sunshine and paint.


In the Artist’s Words

I have always had a passion for drawing and expressing myself with color. So much so that when I was in grade one I got into a lot of trouble coloring in my Dick and Jane books.  In my early years as an artist, oil painting dominated my time but since 2006 watercolor has stolen my heart.  I love the unpredictable, fluid nature of this medium.  My love for medical science won out as a career, especially subjects involving chemistry and physics. I believe this is why I find watercolor so interesting because we really need to understand the chemistry and physics of painting and our subjects to be able to render something worthwhile.


Workshop Description

 Debra is an enthusiastic art instructor, who teaches painting and drawing.  In her workshop and classes she uses a step by step approach to provide a sound background in techniques and esthetics while encouraging everyone to express their own style and sensibility through their art. Having fun while learning is the goal of Debra's artistic instruction.

The call of the loon is iconic on lakes of Ontario’s Cottage Country. These beautiful birds create a sense of calm and wonder when we observe them on the water. In this 1 day workshop, artists will engage in the use of specific design, colour, value, and edge techniques to create their own lovely loon painting.  Reference materials and handouts will be provided. This workshop is intended for beginner to intermediate artists.


For more information about the artist and to see her artwork, visit www.debrabannisterart.ca.



Artists are expected to bring their own supplies

  1. I encourage the use of 140 or 200 lb paper (Arches, Fabriano, Saunders Waterford are very good papers). If possible buy one large sheet of watercolour paper 30” x 22” cold press and cut it to the appropriate size at this workshop (approximately 11” x 14”). This paper is better quality than pad paper and cheaper.
  2. Bring your round/mop brushes especially a larger one (8,10 or 12) and 1” or 1 1/2 " inch flat brushes for our initial washes. Larger brushes hold more paint so you get better mixing and application of paint onto the paper.   A 4 to 8 round brush for applying fine details such as hair, nose and facial lines. Round brushes should have a good point on them so that you can make fine lines and broader brushstrokes with the same brush.
  3. Here are the typical colors I will use for this painting. These are my colors, yours may be slightly different but that is OK because sky and water reflections can be any colors you desire. We will talk about this. I am using two Quinacridone colors only because they blend well with other colours and are very luminous. I try and use colors that are in most typical palettes or tube paint sets. Be sure it is a tube set and not a pan block set. The tube paints are best for creating larger juicy pools of pigment to paint with. Note that if you don’t have the exact colors listed below, no worries, I can suggest substitutes based on paint properties.
  • Naples, Raw sienna, Burnt Sienna
  • Aureolin, Quinacridone Gold (optional)
  • Quinacridone Coral or Permanent Rose or Rose Madder Genuine
  • Cad Red Light, Scarlet Lake or Vermillion (red orange)
  • Sap Green or mix your own green with Aureolin and Cobalt Blue or Antwerp
  • Cerulean or Peacock Blue (Holbein), Magnesium Blue
  • UMB or Royal Blue (Holbein), Antwerp or Prussian Blue, Neutral Tint.


  1. Misc Supplies:  MUST HAVE - Misket (rubber compound) for saving the whites on the loons

Kleenex tissues (no lotion type), paper towel, pencil, two water containers (large yogurt/ice cream), plastic cover for the table, masking tape, board to attach watercolor paper to, palette to mix paints in (large white butchers pan or plate works, too), blow dryer


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration.  There is no materials fee because students must bring their own supplies.


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