A Workshop with Bonnie Steinberg

Sunday, June 23rd, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Note: A Minimum of 10 students is required for this workshop to proceed.


Workshop Instructor

Bonnie Steinberg is a graduate of York University where she received her Honours (B.F.A) Bachelor of Fine Arts. Bonnie is also an elected member of the C.S.P.W.C. (the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, the S.C.A. (the Society of Canadian Artists) and a signature member of the Toronto Watercolor Society (T.W.S). Bonnie is also a guest artist and teacher for many art groups in Canada, the United States and Europe. She has most recently taught a two-week watercolour painting workshop in Italy, including Florence, Venice and Tuscany, and a weeklong watercolour workshop in Sedona, Arizona.


Workshop Description

           The Day’s End” by Bonnie Steinberg


Come and explore how light, design and colour can put passion in composition!  Our subject matter will include a (SIMPLE) street scene, or iconic laneway, complete with landscape elements, architectural elements and other details. Ontario and its beautiful street scapes, will provide our inspiration. The figure in watercolour will also be explored so that its incorporation will complete a visual story.  Participants will explore “how” to paint great greens, deep violets and other wonderful hues.  Some new and some old and proven techniques will be taught and demonstrated to provide a purposeful aim for participants. Atmospheric perspective through colour, and linear perspective will also be explored! Participants will marvel at the result…luminous and passionate paintings!



Students will provide their own materials for the workshop.  Consequently, there is no materials fee.

Please bring:

  • Paints (Artist Quality) of choice
  • minimum palette (permanent rose, cobalt blue & aureolin yellow)
  • IF POSSIBLE 6 or more colours that equal  (2 reds, 2 yellows, 2 blues)


Suggested colours:

 Aureolin Yellow                    Raw Sienna                     Opera                       Scarlet Lake                

Burnt Sienna                            Permanent Rose             Cerulean Blue           Cobalt Blue    

Winsor Blue (red shade/and               Winsor Red                    (or green shade)

French Ultramarine Blue          Alizarin Crimson (Permanent)      New Gamboge or Indian Yellow

Viridian Green                             Quinacrodone Gold            (Optional): Prussian Blue



Suggested sizes:

2" Robert Simmons white-sable-skyflow wash(*optional)  

1" flat gold sable-clear hand, beveled end

#5 & #8 round gold sable

#3 or #4 rigger

#16 (½" x ½") flat gold sable (THIS IS A LIFTING BRUSH… (OPTIONAL ONLY))

 2" hake


  • Paper – good quality 100% rag paper

140 lb and/or 300 lb (hot) smooth and cold press board if paper is in sheets, and if not, blocks are suggested

  • Palette – (Robert E Woods or John Pike or equivalent) – scrub each paint compartment (not mixing areas) with an SOS pad to rough up the surface so that the paint will stick
  • 2 plastic containers (500 ml)
  • Eraser
  • Tissues (Kleenex) a box is great!
  • HB or 6B pencils
  • Masking tape and masking fluid
  • Small natural silk sponge (Curry’s has these or so does Shopper’s Drug mart)
  • Sketch book
  • Ruler or set square for drawing
  • OPTIONAL: Music CD



             Iconic Charlottetown” by Bonnie Steinberg


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration.



 “Wired Gems”

A Workshop with Michelle Bruce

Sunday, July 7th, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Art Gallery of Bancroft is delighted to present a jewellery-making workshop with Maynooth resident Michelle Bruce.  This is the first jewellery workshop in several years at the AGB, and it is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.


About the Artist

Artist Michelle Bruce can be found creating at her studio hidden in the woods 5 minutes drive from Maynooth.  Michelle started her artistic journey working in stained glass.  In 2004, she opened a gallery (Botanical Glassworks) in Barry’s Bay, showcasing her work and that of numerous other artists.

A few years later, a chance class in jewellery making changed her focus. All energies were then focused on creating beaded and wired jewellery.  In 2017, she closed her store, and is now focused full time on exploring metalwork and wirework jewellery. Michelle designs jewellery using copper, silver and semiprecious stones.

She also enjoys teaching a range of classes from wirework to metalwork, and sells beading supplies out of her studio.

Her work can be seen on her website, on the Bancroft & Area Studio Tour, at various craft shows or by appointment at her studio in Maynooth (613)334-2021.




Workshop Description

This workshop will be a total immersion in playing with wire; the result will be 3 finished projects.   The goal of class is to walk out feeling comfortable further exploring wire jewellery. 

Students will learn about different gauge wires, how to make coils, spirals, lashing, hardening, eye pins, head pins, double eye pins, clasps, etc., time permitting.

The initial hour will be an introduction to wire and making a beaded wire ring.  The second project (1 hour) will be a beaded paisley wire pendant.  The third project, lasting 3 hours) will be a woven wire cuff.       


Materials List

 I will bring various gauges, colours, types of wire as well as a variety of beads for each project. All tools will be provided and usage explained.

The material cost is $30 including a ball chain for pendant.


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable by cash or cheque only to the Art Gallery at the time of registration plus the $30 material fee payable to Michelle on the day of the workshop.


 Our Lovely Loons”

A Workshop with Debra Bannister

Sunday, July 14th, 2019 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Art Gallery of Bancroft is delighted to have Debra Bannister return to instruct a watercolour workshop.  Debra led a workshop at the AGB last summer with a focus on painting portraits with watercolours.


Workshop Instructor

Debra Bannister is an award winning artist who sees the world in bold colors. Luminous light and vivid hues define her paintings. Her art is both descriptive and expressive while still being realistic and slightly abstracted.

Since 2006 she devoted herself to watercolor and water media painting. Her award winning paintings have been included in numerous juried shows, art festivals and gallery exhibitions. Her paintings hang in private and permanent collections. Debra divides her time between painting in her studio and outdoors on location.  Her most recent accomplishment are the 21 paintings she completed for a children's book called "Floofus Land Adventures”.

Debra is a member of the East Central Ontario Arts Association and the Kawartha Artists Gallery and Studio (KAGS). Her art work, prints and cards are sold at the Stratford Festival Theatre Store, online and at art festival and juried shows in and around Ontario. Her art work is found in permanent and public art collections in Canada and abroad.

Debra lives near Buckhorn, Ontario on the shores of Six Foot Bay, Buckhorn Lake. During the winter she travels south to enjoy the warm sunshine and paint.


In the Artist’s Words

I have always had a passion for drawing and expressing myself with color. So much so that when I was in grade one I got into a lot of trouble coloring in my Dick and Jane books.  In my early years as an artist, oil painting dominated my time but since 2006 watercolor has stolen my heart.  I love the unpredictable, fluid nature of this medium.  My love for medical science won out as a career, especially subjects involving chemistry and physics. I believe this is why I find watercolor so interesting because we really need to understand the chemistry and physics of painting and our subjects to be able to render something worthwhile.


Workshop Description

 Debra is an enthusiastic art instructor, who teaches painting and drawing.  In her workshop and classes she uses a step by step approach to provide a sound background in techniques and esthetics while encouraging everyone to express their own style and sensibility through their art. Having fun while learning is the goal of Debra's artistic instruction.

The call of the loon is iconic on lakes of Ontario’s Cottage Country. These beautiful birds create a sense of calm and wonder when we observe them on the water. In this 1 day workshop, artists will engage in the use of specific design, colour, value, and edge techniques to create their own lovely loon painting.  Reference materials and handouts will be provided. This workshop is intended for beginner to intermediate artists.

For more information about the artist and to see her artwork, visit




Artists are expected to bring their own supplies

  1. I encourage the use of 140 or 200 lb paper (Arches, Fabriano, Saunders Waterford are very good papers). If possible buy one large sheet of watercolour paper 30” x 22” cold press and cut it to the appropriate size at this workshop (approximately 11” x 14”). This paper is better quality than pad paper and cheaper.
  2. Bring your round/mop brushes especially a larger one (8,10 or 12) and 1” or 1 1/2 " inch flat brushes for our initial washes. Larger brushes hold more paint so you get better mixing and application of paint onto the paper.   A 4 to 8 round brush for applying fine details such as hair, nose and facial lines. Round brushes should have a good point on them so that you can make fine lines and broader brushstrokes with the same brush.
  3. Here are the typical colors I will use for this painting. These are my colors, yours may be slightly different but that is OK because sky and water reflections can be any colors you desire. We will talk about this. I am using two Quinacridone colors only because they blend well with other colours and are very luminous. I try and use colors that are in most typical palettes or tube paint sets. Be sure it is a tube set and not a pan block set. The tube paints are best for creating larger juicy pools of pigment to paint with. Note that if you don’t have the exact colors listed below, no worries, I can suggest substitutes based on paint properties.
  • Naples, Raw sienna, Burnt Sienna
  • Aureolin, Quinacridone Gold (optional)
  • Quinacridone Coral or Permanent Rose or Rose Madder Genuine
  • Cad Red Light, Scarlet Lake or Vermillion (red orange)
  • Sap Green or mix your own green with Aureolin and Cobalt Blue or Antwerp
  • Cerulean or Peacock Blue (Holbein), Magnesium Blue
  • UMB or Royal Blue (Holbein), Antwerp or Prussian Blue, Neutral Tint.
  1. Misc Supplies:  MUST HAVE - Misket (rubber compound) for saving the whites on the loons

Kleenex tissues (no lotion type), paper towel, pencil, two water containers (large yogurt/ice cream), plastic cover for the table, masking tape, board to attach watercolor paper to, palette to mix paints in (large white butchers pan or plate works, too), blow dryer


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration.  There is no materials fee because students must bring their own supplies.



“Painting Impressionistic Wildlife in Acrylics”

A Workshop with Tracey Lee Green

Sunday, August 11, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Art Gallery of Bancroft is excited to welcome back award-winning, multi-form artist Tracey Lee Green.  Previous workshops presented by Tracey at the AGB have been among the most popular in attendance.


Workshop Instructor

Tracey Lee Green has worked with both paint and metal as artistic media at her studio in the Haliburton Highlands.  She paints portraits of wild animals that are found injured or abandoned and dropped off at the Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary in Haliburton County; the original paintings are donated to the sanctuary for fundraising.  

Tracey had a solo exhibition “Portraits of Nature” at the AGB in July 2016.  She was a founding member of A Place for the Arts cooperative in Bancroft.  Her works, both paintings and metalwork, have been exhibited in Bancroft, Millbrook, Haliburton, Aurora, Huntsville and Algonquin Park.  Her works are found in private collections in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Scotland, Germany and across North America.

“I need to create... That is the long and the short of it. It encompasses my existence. The materials don't matter to me, it is the process, the journey, the critical thinking, the passion and the peace.”

“Whether I am working with paint, or sculpting and hammering metals, I am always drawn to creating organic pieces, sometimes functional, mostly not. They mirror nature, something that I value greatly and respect. Through my vision and guidance I strive to honor that place from which we live.”


Workshop Description

In this one day workshop, participants will learn the how to apply alternative mark making and brush techniques allowing them to create wildlife portraits without having to paint each feather or strand of fur!  A great workshop for artists who want to loosen up, or beginners who just want to try to push a little paint around.  You will leave the workshop with a finished piece you will be proud to display at home!  


            “Hungry Babies” by Tracey Lee Green



All materials will be provided for a fee of $35, payable to the Tracey on the day of the workshop.   Students are asked to only bring a reference photo or painting reference material.


Participants are asked to wear clothes that they can get paint on and a bagged lunch


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration, plus the materials fee of $35.00 payable to Tracey.


Thinking Inside the Box 

A Workshop with Anne Renouf

Sunday, August 25, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


The Art Gallery of Bancroft is delighted that multi-media artist Anne Renouf is returning to the Gallery to lead a workshop, following on her successful March exhibition. 


Workshop Instructor

Anne Renouf studied Fine Art at the University of Toronto, specializing in drawing, painting and printmaking. Moving to Peterborough, Ontario in 1997, she began work at Cossar Art Centre, where she had several solo exhibitions, and organized and participated in many group shows. Here, and in her Hunter Street studio, she began her study of the human condition and our ‘sense of place’.  She teaches classes and workshops primarily through the Art Gallery of Peterborough, and her work has for many years shown locally at Christensen Fine Art.

Anne Renouf works in an energy efficient home/studio, located east of Peterborough on 90 acres of cedar and maple woods, fields and wetlands.  Her mixed-media works, abstract landscape and tree images, use image-transfer, collage, and various drawing and painting materials on canvas, panel and paper. Her works are metaphorical journeys, studying themes of memory, pilgrimage and the space around us, and reflect the natural beauty of her surroundings.  


Workshop Description

Join Anne for a day of exploration and experimentation, beginning with a wide variety of mixed-media materials and ending with a completed art project.  Acrylic paints, drawing and collage materials, hand-made papers, photo-imagery, beads, wire, ribbon, found objects and more, will all be available for use in creating your own one-of-a-kind art box.

         Collage by Anne Renouf


We’ll start with a few ‘loosening up’ exercises to get the creative juices flowing, and then launch into some serious (and fun!) mixed-media creating.

The day includes a demonstration and instructions on using the ‘image transfer’ printing method.

You are welcome to bring along any interesting photos, small found objects, etc. which you may wish to incorporate into your work, but there will be plenty provided for all to use. 

All levels welcome from beginner to expert.



All materials will be provided for a fee of $10.00, payable to Anne on the day of the workshop.   Students are asked to only bring a reference photo or painting reference material.


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this one-day workshop is $65.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration, plus the materials fee of $10.00 payable to Anne.



Textile Ice Dyeing - Gearing Up for Winter

A Two-Morning Workshop with Pam Woodward

Saturday & Sunday, September 14 & 15, 2019 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.


The Art Gallery of Bancroft is delighted to welcome Owen Sound resident Pam Woodward for a unique workshop in the art of textile dyeing using ice.  This workshop takes place over two mornings to allow for an overnight period when the ice melts to create the wonderful designs.


Workshop Instructor

For over 40 years Pam Woodward worked in theatre, film, and television costuming, where she put to use her skills in fabric dyeing, painting, embellishments, fabric manipulation, and breakdown, the technique of aging and distressing a costume. Today she teaches several techniques in dyeing, including Shibori dyed indigo, fabric painting, beading on fabric, and textile aging techniques including boro, and the Joseph Albers colour exercises. Collaboration has always been one of her great pleasures of working in the textile community.


Workshop Description

What could be a more Canadian textile project than dyeing fabric with ice and snow? Produce wonderful patterned effects while learning the properties of Procion cold water dyes and ice. There will also be time to explore a variety of beautiful Japanese Shibori effects in a variety of colours. Your resulting fabrics may be used in textile projects such as quilting, or finished off in one of a kind scarves. As the snows come you will be able to produce more dyed fabric on your own!


          “Mandala Ice Dye” Courtesy of Leilah Ward



All materials will be provided for a fee of $15, payable to Pam on the first day of the workshop.  


Workshop Fee and Registration

The cost of this two-morning workshop is $75.00, payable to the Art Gallery by cash or cheque at the time of registration, plus the materials fee of $15.00 payable to Pam.



More Information

Please contact Workshop Coordinator Ingrid Monteith at (613) 334-6965 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or, contact the Gallery at (613) 332-1542 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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